This is Anna Lotko's portfolio of interactive media, games, and experimental interaction design. Anna is currently finishing up her MFA in Interactive Media at USC's School of Cinematic Arts in Los Angeles, CA.
annaklotko [at] gmail.com

  • Stone Soup
  • Stone Soup
  • Stone Soup
  • Stone Soup

Stone Soup

StoryPops empower young readers with a smartphone as a dynamic prop to PLAY with their favorite stories. Stone Soup is a classic folktale that has been adapted to our unique StoryPop format. Each page of the story includes a novel cross-device interaction that lets readers enact narrative events or roleplay with characters. StoryPops are best shared with a friend, so grab a reading buddy and GO!

Stone Soup is the first “StoryPop,” a new kind of interactive, cross-screen POP-UP book. Readers can add ingredients to their own stone soups by performing natural gestures with the prop device… Like this!

Eclectic Potatoes is part of Localite, which is a company I founded last fall. You can learn more about the company by visiting the Localite website.

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